Monday, January 26, 2009

Tech Wednesday: Outlook

I apologize for missing last Wednesday's tech Wednesday post, I was a bit under the weather so I will do two this week. I am also hoping that blogger will let me post video this time. My Fold it! Post was supposed to have video but there was an error in transferring the video.

This week I will be talking about Outlook. I really love this program as both a communication tool and as a planning tool as well.

Most people use Outlook for email and as an appointment book in schools as well as keeping track of their contacts and that is what I show in my first video. To me these are pretty basic functions that everyone should know how to do in Outlook. Along with these features are some intermediate to advanced features such as distribution lists, signatures, etc. I use Outlook (at school) as my plan book and also as my to do list rather than wasting paper. I have also found some cool features if your students have access to Outlook or to use with your staff such as the voting option. It is these I show in the second video.

Video1: Outlook as a Plan Book Video 2: Outlook Basics

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